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two guys talking about Facebook, one guy responds with a heart emojiI am too connected.

I have written and talked an awful lot about how the online world has been really good for me. I have credited the diabetes online community with saving my life, I have been really lucky to have published a few different podcasts with audiences that have become some of my  best friends. So I’m not trying to say that I don’t understand the value of connecting online.

What I’m trying to say is that at this moment in my life, I feel over-exposed.

And this is my own fault. I’m the guy that get’s notified on my phone, iPad, computer, and wrist-watch every time a stranger “likes” a photo I’ve published to Instagram (and the guy that cannot talk himself out of linking the word “Instagram” in his blog post about social media burnout to his Instagram account just in case someone reading isn’t following him there).

I wrote yesterday about how I feel like I’m drowning in diabetes awareness during diabetes awareness month. And maybe some of my feelings in this post overlap with that sentiment. I guess November is that weird month where my passion for advocacy and my love for community collide in an overwhelming blue wave of diabetes information that will pull you under if you don’t keep one eye on the shore.

Tomorrow I’m going to go hiking. I’m headed to Alamere Falls near Point Reyes with my boyfriend, Steve. It won’t be gadget-free; we’ll need GPS to get us there. And it won’t be diabetes-free; there is no such thing as a real vacation from that. But I am hoping to be able to take one really deep, long, inhale that won’t have anything to do with a presidential election, post interactions, re-tweets, or comment threads.