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A red wolf and a blue wolf illustrated by Mike Lawson

I did this scribble of a drawing for a presentation I’m giving this weekend. In one of my slides I’ll be telling a Cherokee proverb┬áthat I heard for the first time at MasterLab Leadership Institute a couple of weeks ago.

An old man was talking about life with his grandson one afternoon and he said, “Inside every person there is a fight.”

“This is a fight between light and dark. It’s a fight between peace and chaos. It’s a fight between anger and joy. This fight happens inside all of us. Even inside you.”

The two sat and thought about what had been said. After a few moments the boy turned to his grandfather and asked, “Which wolf will win?”

The old man simply answered, “The one you feed.”

The one you feed.

I need to spend more energy feeding the wolf that I wish to win. I’ve got some changes coming soon in my life, and I’ll be best prepared for the new challenges if I do my best now to get the right wolf in its best possible shape.

The one you feed.